Yûrei Station by Atelier Sentô

Yûrei Station by Atelier Sentô

A girl takes a night train heading to an unknown destination…

Yûrei Station (“Ghost Station”) is an adventure game inspired by Japanese ghost stories. It was written and designed by Atelier Sentô, based on memories of their life in Japan, and on the trains they used to take at dawn.

The graphics were hand-painted with pencils and watercolors by high school students. It was done in 2 days (March 6 and 7, 2017) during a workshop at “le Pôle des Arts” of La Joliverie in Nantes.

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Yûrei Station:
Gameplay: point-and-click
Languages: Japanese – English – French – Korean – Italian

“A beautiful, unsettling hand-crafted horror story” IndieGames.com

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