YOU LEFT ME. by Angela He

YOU LEFT ME. by Angela He

You wake up in a different world.

You have until nighttime to escape.

Why are you here? 

You’ve forgotten something important. But what?

Remember – before it’s too late, and you’re lost forever.

A dark/funny/surreal game about loneliness and loss. Comes with chat-speaking cyclopic cat and moon that tells dad jokes. 


  • 5 endings
  • 5 – 30 minutes each play-through
  • Surreal, original art and story
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux


“I’m never gonna hit that button. Not ever.” – Markiplier

“It’s every bit as strange as it looks, and even heavier than it sounds.” – PCGamer

**Warning: contains explicit handling of suicide.**

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Made in 48 hrs for LD Compo 41 (source code on Github). Find me on twitter or tumblr; find the music/fonts/tools in “About” on the title screen.

If you support me with $5+, you can unlock 16 HQ wallpapers of in-game art! Major creds to avogado6 for art inspiration. As always, hope you enjoy 🙂

Link Source: Click Here