You Are Wolf by dninosores

You Are Wolf by dninosores

Play as an incredibly unlucky wolf trying to survive an encounter with a grinning creature in this short little nightmare of a puzzle game! Use your wits to fix the door and stave off your impending dismemberment.


  • A dark basement to be imprisoned in!
  • A monster with excellent music taste!
  • Teeth!


Door: Tim’s Horror Assets – The Bloody Door by Tim H.

doorCreaking9.wav – Zabuhailo on freesound

page turn – flag2 on freesound

metal scrape.wav – jesabat on freesound

Featuring “The Little Girl From Mars” by Jean-Jacques Perrey and “Edith Von Aachenburg” by Dana Countryman and Jean-Jacques Perrey

A game by Olly Glenn

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