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Wolcen Builds have already started surfacing far and wide, even with ever changing skills that are often modified by the latest patch.

Both active abilities and passive skills are equally important for each Wolcen ability and skill build, so here’s our step-by-step guide covering what we’ve been using in your playthrough, along with some popular builds.

Melee Builds[edit]

Melee builds are powered by two main stats, Ferocity and Toughness, with Agility as a third viable option to level up from time to time. Make sure that your equipped gear also matches this, which will greatly help your character to make the best use of a build as possible.

A build created by Vulkan is one of the more popular amongst the Wolcen melee builds, and it’s all about spinning weapons around yourself with skills such as Bleeding Edge and Bladestorm as primary choices.

Active Skills

  • Juggernaut: Summons a damage-absorbing shield that explodes when it breaks.
  • Bladestorm: Summons a huge greatsword which you can spin with to maintain momentum.
  • Bleeding Edge: Throws a spinning axe in a circle around you that deals Rend damage.
  • Sovereign Shout: Buffs the attack and cast speed of you and nearby allies.
  • Wings of Ishmir: Summons a giant spear and lets you leap with it.

Passive Skills

  • Merciless Lethality from Assassin: Increases critical hit damage, but normal hits deal less damage.
  • Backline Raider from Sentinel: Buffs attack speed.
  • Feast for the Crows from Warmonger: Boosts global life leech.
  • Gods Amongst Men from Warmonger: Increases material damage, but renders you unable to do other forms of damage.
  • The Wild Card from Soldier: Increases the chance of critical hits.

Another build, and the one we have been using in our Walkthrough, is also focused on melee but with a twist on variation.

Active Skills


  • Sovereign Shout: As we mentioned before, buffs the attack and cast speed of both you and allies. As for Modifiers, we’ve been using Blade Eater, Hold The Line, To Rise Again, Hostile Inspiration, and Raging Berserker.
  • Anvil’s Woe: A powerful attack where your character summons an spectral hammer and slams it onto the ground, causing some serious damage. Try your best to use this after Sovereign Shout whenever you can, as it’s a rather slow attack. As for Modifiers, we went with Balanced Handle, Towers Amidst Temples, Crackling Grindstone, Crater Maker, Grievous Wounds, and Fractal Scarring.
  • Bladestorm: Spin your way out of danger with this one. We recommend the following Modifiers: Lethal Momentum, Long Pommel, Echoes of Meadhalls, Shredding Whirlwinds, and Ceaseless Current.
  • Wrath of Baäpheth: Summons a pair of chains that can unleash four manual attacks. This is great to have some range against enemies, and they also cover a wider area, so it’s great to push back and damage groups as well. We went for Rapid Swings, Merciless Rhythm, Wounded Pride, and Blood Brothers for this.

Passive Skills

  • Second Wind: When under 30% of health, trigger a burst of health regeneration
  • The Heat of Battle: +25 Rage per hit taken. This one is incredibly useful for melee builds in general.
  • The Wild Card: 60% critical chance score.
  • Feast for the Crows: +2% global life leech.
  • Bestial Frenzy: +4% damage for each nearby enemy within a 4 metres’ radius.

Ranged Builds[edit]

As you probably figured out already, the best stats to use for these builds are Agility and Ferocity. Try to always stay in movement, use open windows from enemies after attacks to strike back, and don’t be afraid to spam that dodge roll button to escape from danger.

Active Skills

  • Mark of Impurity: Increases the damage of the target by cursing it.
  • Wailing Arrows: Releases a series of arrows in a circular area
  • “Avenger” Autoturret: Provides covering fire by summoning a turret.
  • Phantom Blades: Throws a spinning dualblade in front of you.
  • Duskshroud: Leaves a shadow on the floor and provides invisibility.

Passive Skills

  • Meditative Focus: Deals extra damage when six metres away from all enemies.
  • The Wild Card: Increases the chance of critical hits.
  • Merciless Lethality: Increases critical hit damage, but normal hits deal less damage.
  • Safe from Afar: Projectiles deal more damage if you are 15 metres away from the target.
  • Tethered Shade: Dodge roll damages enemies and leaves a decoy.

Mage Builds[edit]

Active Skills

  • Anomaly: Dislocating Threads, Elongation, Event Horizon, Temporal Dilation, Echoes of Infinity, and Aether’s Fracture
  • Infinity Blades: Sublime Cut, Timeline Selection, Force Field Condensator, Spherical Repulsion, Anti-Mobility Form, Material Sinkhole, and Magnetised
  • Plagueburst: Disgrace, Loser’s Gift, Noxious Smog, and Corruption’s Bloat
  • Tears of Etheliel: Sorrowful Attunement, Meteorlogical Grip, Scorned by Fire, and Stalactite Rain
  • Light Bringer: Hope’s Arrival, Holy Ground, Insuppressible Rhapsody, and Noble Rider

Passive Skills

  • Scholar: Atruttion Strategist, Thirst for Knowledge
  • Warlock: Resilience to Corruption, Reining in the Darkness, Duty to Exterminate
  • Plaguebringer: Toxic Emantation, Undertaker
  • Soldier: The Wild Card
  • Cabalist: Immortal Offering, Power of the First Men

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