Will Die Alone by arirav

Will Die Alone by arirav

Some memories aren’t meant to stay.

We are our memories and our experiences. What happens if you delete some of them? If you change your past and, thus, your future?


Congratulations! You just got hired by Dewitt Corp. for their memory program, your job starts tomorrow. 

Alex finds herself in a house in the middle of nowhere with a job that no one wants to do. Deleting memories of clients is something she wouldn’t wish to her worst enemy. Whatever memory she will decide to delete will change her clients’ lives forever. 

With the computer provided by the corporation, she will have to analyse clients’ files and find a way to solve their problems, but every choice comes with a price.


  •  Look into the clients’ lives and discover their stories.  
  • Read emails sent by Alex’s loved ones and look inside your work computer to find more about who she is.
  • Read news each day to learn more about the outside world.  
  • Every client has a unique story with different endings based on the memory you decide to delete.


Will Die Alone was my university final project, concluding my Master of Arts in Game Design at IULM, Italy. It was made in less than 6 months, and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my university peers and professors.

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