Why You Fell by Casey Jasey

Why You Fell by Casey Jasey

You are Mark Heath, God rest your soul.

A short university project where you play an elderly man who’s just woken up in a strange place. Is this Hell? Limbo? Or somewhere else?

The goal of this project was to create a vertical slice demonstrating level and story design for a walking sim horror game; focusing on Dread, Atmosphere and Intrigue.

Despite being a short and ugly game (I could only find a sound designer to help me), any feedback and comments are much appreciated.

Content Warning: Christianity, death, implied homophobia/transphobia*, empty/liminal spaces

*note: some of these elements are veiled inside secrets within the game and can easily be overlooked or missed on a playthrough.


x Nick Lee (all the audio, barring some dialogue I recorded)

Nick’s Website: https://www.nickleeaudio.com/

x Casey J (Level and Story design)

Special Thanks to my friends: June, Val, Grace, Connor, Ashley and Jade for playtesting and giving feedback

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