Wandering In The Darkness (DEMO) by Noova_Art

Wandering In The Darkness (DEMO) by Noova_Art

Welcome to “Wandering In The darkness” demo page! My name is Noova-Art and this is my first ever demo! 

This demo might have some grammar mistakes. But I tried my best to grammar check it! ^^

✤ Warning ✤

This game contains gore, dark themes, and sensitive subjects. This is not a game for kids and should be played for people at the age of 15 and higher.

✤ About ✤

The story is about a boy named Nick, who has ran away from home. On his way, he got into an accident and so. Has woken up in the middle of the woods, and not so far to an unfamiliar mansion. 

Will, he ever get out? Will he get killed on his way to escape the monsters lurking in the woods and the mansion?  

✤ Contacts ✤

Here are my contacts!



Dev blog

Install instructions

Here is an easy guide to download the file:

  1. Download the ZIP File. 
  2. Extract the File. you can extract it into a folder if needed.
  3. Press “Game.exe”

✤ Problems? ✤

If you have problems, then you can go to the devblog and ask me there. I will answer as soon as possible.

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