Vernal Edge Combat Demo by Plusw

Vernal Edge Combat Demo by Plusw

Vernal Edge is a 2d action platformer developed in Game Maker Studio 2 with a heavy focus on combat and exploration.  You juggle enemies, throw spells, and elegantly navigate the battlefield in a way that hearkens to Devil may cry and other staple action games.  All while freely exploring different floating islands in a lush pixel art setting.

This demo is meant to specifically highlight Vernal Edge’s combat system and is based on an unfinished version of the game. Many assets are unfinished and the content of the demo may not be representative of the final game.

– Controller recommended but not required.

– This demo is for Windows only.

– Unzip before running.

A crowdfunding campaign and larger demo for Vernal Edge is coming at a later date but until then you can follow us at:

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