Vapor Trails by sevencrane

You are experimental Prismatic model X-404, and you have been exiled from Paradise Laboratories.

Return to the surface of Vapor City and exact revenge.


  • ←/→ to move
  • TAB (BACK on controller) to show inventory
  • Space (A on controller) to jump (tap to shorthop)
  • ↓+Jump to drop through platforms
  • Z (X on controller) to punch
  • X (Y on controller) to kick
  • A (RB on controller) to shoot
  • Shift (B) + ←/→ to dash
  • ↑ to interact
  • Space to advance dialogue
  • ↑ + Shift/B in the air to flip kick
  • Shift/B (hold) to heal when grounded and stationary
  • Ctrl (hold) to walk
  • Space/A to buy items in shops

Unique attacks

  • ↓+Kick: boost slide
  • ↓+Punch (aerial): elbow drop
  • ↓+Kick (aerial): divekick

Only the basic enemies have knockback enabled on them right now. I’m still working on making it fun and varied for the bosses.

Sound Credits (used with permission)

title screen: until it feels like home by slime girls
other music: tailor-made tracks from grey heron

Problems? Anger?

Send me anthrax in the mail here.

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