Unsanctioned by Underran

Unsanctioned by Underran


Deep in the pine forests of Sweden lies a top-secret paramilitary installation, operated by none other than the infamous Terminus Systems.  The American Private Military Company (PMC) is well known for their unethical operations conducted around the world, and have set their sights on Sweden to exploit the land and her people.

You are Jéssica Nunes, a vigilante and long-term enemy of Terminus Systems. Investigating rumors of a highly advanced underground facility used for human experimentation, you locate the nefarious base in Norrbotten, Sweden; known only by its codename “Vergina”. Radio chatter seems to indicate that a cataclysmic event has occurred there in the recent days…

You cock your trusty Brazilian PT-92 and prepare to make a visit… An Unsanctioned visit.

RECOMMENDED SPECS: Mid-end computer

CAUTION: This game contains high amounts of violence.

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