Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Demo by Yukon W.

What the heck is this???

Play as an adorable turnip who just so happens to be an absolute menace to society that just got evicted from his house! Garden the tools you need to find your way through plantastic puzzles and treacherous fights! Pay back your insurmountable debt to Mayor Onion, and tear down the corrupt vegetable government!

Is there more???

Join our Discord to keep up to date with development, talk about turnips, or give feedback!

Who are you???

Yukon does all the programming, design, and most of the pixel art!

Jen does all of the vector artwork, concept art, and helps design the game!

Jordan does our marketing, outreach, and makes our trailers! 

James (Okinoth) Currier & Ryan (Lucid Gate) Borbone do our music!

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