Tumbleweed Typo Hunter by andyman404

You are a freelance bounty hunter searching for typos in a spaghetti western world populated entirely by words. In this third-person 3D action shooter/word-game, you must hunt down misspelled words to collect their lucrative bounties.

Made for Pirate Jam Pre-Jam Skirmish 2020 in 48 hours. Theme: Bounty. 

Find typos and shoot them to claim their lucrative bounties. Stay alive and keep your business out of bankruptcy by shooting wisely.

There are three towns so far. More to come if there is interest. In each play through, the residents of the towns are randomized.


Action Control
Walk Arrows or WASD
Aim / Look Move mouse
Zoom in/out mouse scroll wheel
Shoot Left Click
Pause Escape key
Secret cheat key to advance to next day/town Forward Slash (/)


  • Innocent bystanders won’t shoot at you unless you’ve injured them first. Don’t piss them off unless you want a big gunfight. Villainous misspelled words will start shooting at you if they think you’re shooting at them, whether they’re injured or not.
  • Use cover, distance, dodging, and grit to stay alive! The words are not very smart, but they will outgun you if you go in guns-blazing and engage them at point-blank-range. Longer words can take more damage.
  • If you’re unsure if a word has the right spelling, you can always pause the game (Escape key) and check it in a real dictionary. Here’s the list of commonly misspelled words used in the game.
  • Each time you hit a word with your bullet (an exclamation mark), you damage one of its letters, turning it red. If all the letters in the word are damaged, then it dies. Longer words are tough to kill, but they have trouble with doors and turning around.
  • You die if all of your 4 letters are damaged. H-E-R-O.
  • The day ends when you die (game over) or deliver all of the bounties.
  • Look on the bounties board by the sheriff’s office to see how many outstanding bounties there are for the day.
  • Look on the town’s welcome sign to see the current population.
  • If you end up with a negative balance even after delivering all of the bounties for the day, then you go out of business.
  • Minimize collateral damage – the costs can add up. Don’t shoot innocent bystanders. Don’t shoot walls. Every shot costs you one coin also.
  • Health care is not free. Each damaged letter of yours costs 50 coins for the doctor to patch you up before you move to the next town.

Jam entry information: I am Andrew C. Wang, and I made all the art, design, and programming, except for free third party audio/font assets below. I am available & eligible for grand prize. Email andyman [at] idumpling.com.  Confirmation code: YG7754

Third Party Assets

Tools: Unity (2019.2.17f1), Gimp, Blender 2.79

Changes/Fixes in the Post-Submission build (v1.0.3):

  • Added a settings menu where you can adjust the camera sensitivity options and camera control settings.
  • Fixed the issue with some words appearing on the roof of buildings rather than on the ground.
  • Fixed location of welcome sign in West Wanton so that it doesn’t intersect with a building.

Thank you to Sebastian Standke (The Game Curator) for the amazingly skillful play through video!

Link Source: Click Here