Toasty by Pocket Llama

Toasty is an upcoming Action Adventure RPG starring an unlikely hero. Play as Marshall the Marshmallow Knight, as they attempt to stop an all-powerful evil and protect the many friends you make in the magical world of Geldia. All the while, discovering the truth of you own mysterious origins. 

So when do I get to put hands on the Full-Game?

As you can tell, this is only the demo release for Toasty. In the VERY NEAR future we will be dropping a Kickstarter for the Full-Game. Keep up with our updates here or on Twitter/Instagram to know when our Kickstarter drops! 

Anything else before I slap this game in?

Yeah sure. The game plays similar to classic Zelda-Style games with a lot of twists. If you encounter ANY bugs PLEASE let us know so we can squash em! If you have any comments you want to share we highly encourage you to let us know. :]

What if I’m smelling what you’re stepping in?

We are extremely active on Twitter and Instagram. We even have a public development Discord if you’re interested:

Twitter   Instagram   Discord   Website

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