Toasty! by C&D Cardboard Games

Toasty! by C&D Cardboard Games

Welcome to Toasty! Toasty is really feeling down that Crunchy had a chance to play but now Toasty want’s a turn. This is the Official Cinnamon Toast Crunch Parody Horror game. 

Story: You are inside your house sleeping after a long day at school. You are awoken to the sound of something rustling in your kitchen. You jump to pick up the closest lantern by your bedside. You explore your house to find something you hoped you would never see…. 

Is it a dream or reality? 

Ps: Thank you to Dave Microwave for allowing me to use some old models from a canceled game that we almost made together. (Which will not be finished.) 

Also thank you to Crowie_the_Crow for modeling the various other models you see in the house.  As well as thank you to Drageon9 for creating the games intro and the cover image. 

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