Timore Solum by Vidas Games

Timore Solum by Vidas Games

Without a doubt, the masterpiece of short horror!
Since the first time I saw your games being played I wondered to myself if I could ever do at least 1% of what you do and after many many games, including this one, I am pretty sure I can’t, in a good way, because you can’t copy or mimic natural greatness, that’s not an over exaggeration.

The game is mind-bending for sure. The details and environments are very cozy, but on the other hand it feels like a creepy, claustrophobic place, filled with the horrors of routine life, which is I guess 2021 for some people. At some point, the main character does feel like a house, more of it’s connected to it, the spaceship looking environment and doors leading to the abyss of the soul, might be the theme you are going for Vidas, but no matter the cause, horror is there and it hits super strong. After the end, I thought of many versions of the story, but I guess what makes it brilliant is the players imagination. 

Game mechanics and sound effects, plus textures are expected to be top notch, I would not expect your game and no mannequin involved.

Overall, excellent game, highly recommended and finally played it on my channel, even thou the graphics card did not pity me (TMI 😀 ). 

Thanks, hope to see more. 

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