Through the Eyes of the Dead by Rona Hattingh

Through the Eyes of the Dead by Rona Hattingh

Someone has killed all the Citizens in the Bunker. Taking an eye of each victim as a trophy. You and your “trusty” feline partner are tasked with finding the killer.

Explore and investigate the Bunker.

How to play:

Movement – WASD

Action – E  

Inventory – I

Killer’s Journal – J

Pause – Esc


Thank you to each artist that contributed towards helping me create this game.

Thank you to GameDevHq for their positive criticism and praise when I show them snippets of my progress.

Special mentions to Kevin MacLeod for his wonderful music that inspires me.

To the player:

 Unfortunately my scope was too big for this game jam, so I suddenly ended the game. The ENDING nobody wants, but it gave me a good laugh. But I hope you will still enjoy the small bit of the game that is available.

Of course I will develop this game further, I have put a lot of hard work into it already.. Through sickness and health, only death do us part.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, find .exe file, click, wait and play.

Link Source: Click Here