They Are Coming by TeamRevived

They Are Coming by TeamRevived

Monsters and Tripods are attacking Earth. You must save people and your city from them.

“They Are Coming” is a Third Person Shooter prototype game made with Unreal Engine 4 and Houdini. It was originally intended for UE4 MegaJam 2019. Due to problems occurred beyond our control, we didn’t manage to submit it to the jam. Instead we improved it a bit and released this very early prototype. We inspired from WarOfTheWorlds movie. We’ve worked on this game only for 2-3 weeks.

This game has obviously some bugs which we apologize for them in advance.

Please share your insights and comments with us. We’ll use them to improve this game and our work in general. If you liked this game or if you didn’t like it, please share that with us. If this game didn’t run very well on your system, please tell us what hardware you are using so that we can optimize it further.

If you have any ideas to improve this game in any way, please share that with us too.

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Thank you for playing the game!

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