The Telwynium by Powerhoof

The Telwynium by Powerhoof

The Telwynium: Book One 

– Winter’s Dawn –

The Telwynium is an early 90s style adventure game, with Sierra SCI0 style graphics, but with a fancy new-fangled point ‘n click interface.

Your home, the village of Willows Dene, burns at the hands of the shadowfell. Only the power of the Autumn-Aldor Dwinn stopped it from being overrun completely. Now, led by the Aldor, you flee to the west, for the White City, Aldarris. With you are your childhood friends Tani and Witt, the irritable Uplander Otarr Stronghorn, and a colossal golen of mud and stone, summoned by the Aldor as the shadowfell attacked.

It is your first night away from Willows Dene, and you have first watch.

Made with PowerQuest!

Dave’s 2d adventure game toolkit for Unity. 

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  • Left click:
    • With the Boot cursor to walk.
    • With the Gauntlet cursor to interact. (Talk, Pick-up, Use)
    • With the Eye cursor to Examine, and find clues to solve the puzzles.
    • On an inventory item to Equip it (or examine with the eye cursor)
    • With an inventory item to use it

  • Right click:
    • To change cursor
    • To unequip an inventory item

  • C to toggle CRT camera effects
  • Walkthrough available in readme file if you get stuck.


  • Dave Lloyd (@DuzzOnDrums) –  Story, Code, Art
  • Brandon Blume (@BrandonBlume) – Music and SFX
  • Louis Meyer (@LouisDMeyer) – Additional Music
  • Barney Cumming (@Powerhoof) – Walking Animation
  • Amy Tant (@Summerbird76) – Playtesting and proofreading
  • Fonts by Goatmeal
  • Some SFX hacked up from old SCI0 games
  • Special Thanks and inspiration:
    • The Seadads and Feeding Timers
    • Christy Marx & Peter Ledger
    • Robert Jordan & David Eddings

Link Source: Click Here