The Sock Epic by andyman404

What happens to socks that go missing in the wash? At what lengths would the remaining sock go through to find that lost sock? In this 3D adventure game, a lone sock must venture through the washing machine wormhole to the Realm of Lost Things to rescue its best friend.

Made for Global Game Jam Online 2021, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Theme: Lost and Found. Global Game Jam entry.

In the duration of the jam, we were only able to make the first two scenes out of the larger adventure we had planned out, but if there is an overwhelming amount of interest, we may be able to continue making the rest of the game. So if you’re interested, let us know!


Andrew C. Wang (@andyman404) – Programming/Art
Mike Matrasko – Sound/Music
Susan Jacob – Sound/Music/Voice Acting

Secret cheat key – if you can’t figure out how to activate the washing machine portal, then press forward slash to go to the next level.

Link Source: Click Here