The Red Door by yunglads25

The Red Door by yunglads25

The Red Door is a short horror game where you play as an abduction victim placed in the house of a murderer. Find your way around the house and escape before the murderer catches you. The murderer loves to play with his victims so he will give you three chances to escape. Find the keys to unlock the doors, Read the notes left from his past victims and escape as fast as you can.

  • Search for the keys and notes from past victims. 
  • Use portals to move around the house
  • Solve puzzles to unlock doors
  • Find the red door before the murderer finds you

Can you escape? Will you find the red door? or will you use up all your chances and die trying.

Donating is not necessary but greatly appreciated. All donations will go directly into the development of The Red Door. Future updates of the game will include: 

  • Bigger maps + New locations to explore
  • Stories of other victims
  • Secret rooms with collectables
  • + more!

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