The Parking by MrNoupGames

The Parking by MrNoupGames

You wake up in a parking after a traffic accident during the night. You want to escape from there, but there are some creatures hidden in the shadows waiting for you.

How did you end up there?

Will you be able to escape?

Your only friends are your knife and your guns.

       *Este juego está disponible en Español y en Inglés*
         *This game is avaliable in English and Spanish* 

Install instructions

This game is only available for Windows 64 bits.

-Download the file.

-Decompress the zip.

-Execute the “TheParking.exe”

-Enjoy the game.

If you tell your opinion about the game in the comments, you
will incite more people to download it, and that will help
us in future games ;)

If you find any bug, please tell it in the comments :)

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