The Librarian by Octavi Navarro

The Librarian by Octavi Navarro

“Something’s wrong in the Library”.

Liz’s temple and safe place is threatened by the unknown, by ghosts from her own darkest dreams. She must go investigate. She’s the Librarian, after all.

“The Librarian is a stunning adventure well worth embarking upon.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“An inspired point and click set in a lightly sketched fantasy world full of strange practices, and supernatural creatures.”
PC Gamer

“The Librarian uses the structure of a game to evoke emotions and ideas the way a poem does with the structures of written language.”
The Verge

After the success of Midnight Scenes, this is the new short game by Octavi Navarro, creator of Pixels Huh and artist on games like Thimbleweed Park and Photographs.

The Librarian is a very personal game whose production started a long time ago, much before Midnight Scenes, but it was shelved for years. Now it’s finally finished and ready for you to play!

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Design, programming, art and music by Octavi Navarro.
Sound effects:
Font: Equipment Extended by Eeve Somepx.

Patch notes v.1.01:

– Fixed a bug where the main character would disappear when loading a game.
– Fixed a bug (hopefully) where the shadow of the main character would block part of the end credits making them illegible.

Patch notes v.1.02:

– Fixed some small bugs.
– Decreased slow shake camera effect.

Patch notes v.1.03:

– Fixed a couple small bugs.

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