The Interview by Geoff Alday

The Interview by Geoff Alday

About the game

The Interview is a short, atmospheric horror and mockumentary game about a place you don’t want to work.

Game controls

Please bring a keyboard and mouse to your interview.

Move W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys
Run Shift
Interact Left Mouse Button
Pause Escape

About the project

Thank you for checking out The Interview. My goal with this game, was to poke fun at corporate life while also creating an unsettling experience. I hope it gives you a chuckle and a scare.

As this is my first game, I’m genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. Feel free to also report any bugs you encounter too. I appreciate your time.

If you feel inclined to toss any coins my way, rest assured they’ll be used to fund future games.

To follow along and learn about new games, you can find me at:

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