The infinite mineshaft by PolygonStudios

The infinite mineshaft by PolygonStudios

“SCP-6781: The infinite mineshaft” is an horror SCP-Fangame based on an scp that i had writen while the latin lessons in school. In “SCP-6781: The infinite mineshaft” you play as an Testobject how will forced to investigate SCP-6781 or well knowed as “The infinite Mineshaft”. 

SCP 6187: The Infinite Mineshaft

Security level: Euclid

Safety measures: The entrance to SCP 6187 is secured by a 50 centimeter thick iron door which can only be opened by a signal given by the SCP Foundation. The mine in which SCP 6187 is located has been bought by the SCP Foundation and was out of use beforehand.

Description: SCP 6187 is a mineshaft which is located in a mine near ██████ in Germany. According to the current measurements no end could be found to the mineshaft which is why researchers suspect that it could be infinite. Furthermore a researcher who wanted to explore the mineshaft before it was bought by the SCP Foundation reported about a creature with glowing red eyes but could not remember the body of SCP 6187-1. Local policeman  ██████ who investigated the mineshaft after the incident reported that he also encountered the creature and was even attacked by the creature. Policeofficer ██████ could not remember anything about the appearence of SCP 6187-1 exept the red eyes either. In addition both stated that they heared „spooky” and „abnormal“ sounds from within the mineshaft.

Addendum 1: After examinations through test subject D-1276 there are speculations about SCP 6187-1 only attacking when light by a flashlight is shined on it. Please investigate without a flashlight, because reduction of chance of risk is important for future investigations on SCP 6187-1. Testsubject D-1276 managed to get 2,3 kilometers deep into the mine before he disappeared after a connection loss.

Addendum 2: Test subject 1277 will be researching about the behavior of SCP 6187-1 as demanded by Dr. ██████

Addendum 3: Acess denied.

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