The House By The Lake (DEMO) by Shatter Glass Games

The House By The Lake (DEMO) by Shatter Glass Games

This is a demo.  The full release will contain bug fixes, a more flushed out story and multiple endings. With that said, I would appreciate if you rate the game after you play it and if possible provide some feedback.  This will greatly help the improvement of this and future tittles.


This game is intended to be played by a mature audience.  It contains sudden surprises in forms of jump scares, loud noises, blood and gore.  


In 2009 a young man named Jason Lee was reported missing.  The best friend of the victim informed the police that Jason told him that an individual had threatened him after a misunderstanding at the supermarket. The cameras inside the supermarket didn’t catch any disagreements but it didn’t rule out an outside argument.  Jason’s apartment was search and no more information of his whereabouts was found.  Until today the case remains open but after a year of Jason’s disappearance the case was assigned to the cold case unit since there hasn’t been any new leads found. 


  • Creepy environment
  • Interactive objects
  • Jump scares


  • Use headphones 
  • Play in the dark

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[email protected]

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