The Golden Bow by thegbow

The Golden Bow by thegbow


Accompany Bowie in his journey as he seeks his life long ambition: the golden bow…! Uuh, the thing is, the golden bow doesn’t actually exist. But shh.., Bowie can’t know that!  This belief was born by misunderstanding old tales his dad used to tell him. In reality, such tales were about a golden bowl… disappointing, right?! Play and watch how events unfold as the world and its characters conspire against the truth in order to mislead Bowie even further in this comic platformer.

There will be 3 playable characters with intertwined story. As you play them all, you’ll learn the reason behind every action, delving deep into the past of unique characters with personalities you’ve never seen before.

Gameplay mechanics

Hardcore gameplay: You’ll die. A lot. Until you get good. Then you’ll die, but not a lot (lies, I still die a lot and I’m the dev). Challenge your skills! Practice makes perfect! You’ll learn that putting time and effort into something always pays off.

Unique enemies: Every enemy is different. You’ll have to use your brain and skills to defeat them! Learn how to defeat them, or die trying. Most enemies are also designed with humour in mind, so that you’ll also laugh as you die.

Memorable bosses: Boss fights are a core mechanic of the game. Every level has a mini-boss battle, and every third level from each world will have its own boss battle. I assure you, you will not forget these fights. You’ll find yourself wanting to poop everytime you know a boss battle is coming. That’s how good they are.

Progression: Collect 4 heart fragments to increase your max health. Are you able to find them all? Unlock new suits and abilities, allowing you to reach zones you couldn’t reach before! Each suit has its own passive and active skill and will bring its own twist to the gameplay. Need a light and a shield? Use the fire suit! An ocean is blocking your path? Freeze the water and your enemies with the ice suit! Can’t make that far jump? Use the spectral suit to increase your reach! Got yourself surrounded, in a pinch? Use the thunder suit and smack them all with a thunderstorm! Feeling lonely? Summon your dog Chernobyl with the hunt suit! If you think your suits are too weak, find their gems to increase their power to over 9000!

Eveything is designed with humour in mind: Checkpoints are usually boring, a flag, a warning, a light beam… but not here! Poop as much as you want in the game’s unique checkpoint: a potty pot! Traps are not boring either, and you’ll find yourself smiling in the midst of chaos and danger.

Themed worlds: Each world will have its own theme. And they’re not your common themes, nope. The mental world will mess with your head and trick you in more ways than you can imagine. The night world will use the community’s biggest fears against them. The ignorance world will bring critiques and social thoughts we all have, but are too afraid to speak out. That’s not all! 9 worlds total, but no more spoilers!

Playable characters

Bowie, the protagonist: Shy and dreamy, Bowie is not your everyday hero. Play as the archer and shoot as many arrows in the knees as you can!

Duette, the split personality: Cute, kind, talented and smart, almost like an angel. On the other hand, she’s also horrific and cruel, almost like a demon. Wait, what? Play as the bard mage as you sing wonderful songs about how you mercilessly wiped out your enemies!

Hoogle, the Shroom:  Ah, the retired hero. Now living in his shop, selling goods to adventurers and listening their tales to write his own book. Life couldn’t be better for him… until he discovers that his home – the mushroom realm – is in great danger. “Ugh, why do I have do be a hero again? Don’t get me wrong, I love heroes so much that I’m even writing a book about them! But I really do hate being one”. Play as the mushroom warrior and use his once seathed sword to cut down the mightiest foes!

About me and the game

I’m Lucas, a 23 year old solo developer. I started developing the golden bow as a joke, to learn how to create games, in august 2018. But I grew so fond of the game that I decided to make it a real thing, and have been working hard on it ever since! I currently work on the game on my time off, and since I’m a medicine student, I barely have it. That means I often sacrifice my health and sleep routine to bring the best content for you guys. SO PAY ME! Just kidding, I’m not doing this for money. It’s for love, really. Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll put a price tag on the final product. It really depends on how satisfied I’m with it. My dream is that some day I’ll be able to make a living making games, create my own studio and bring joy and creativity to videogames once more. The happiest day of my life will probably be when I’m able to afford a living without having to use my medicine’s degree. I hate it.

The game is going to be released for PC. I plan to release it in 2020. I would love to make a console port, but first I must release it for PC. Then I’ll see. Hopes are high though!

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I’m always open to chat and share my experience with anyone who’s willing to ask.

That’s all for now. 

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