The Drowning Machine by Rabbit Run Games

In memory of Charlie Schulz


In February of 2019, my best friend Charlie took his own life. 

In the months preceeding his death, the two of us had begun working on a game together, but due to unforseen circumstances the game had to be shelved. Through all of this, Charlie was insistent that “if anything bad ever happens to one of us, the other has to finish it.”

In his memory, I think it’s time to finish that game. 

Profit from The Drowning Machine will be donated to a Trans Lifeline in Charlie’s honor

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Movement VI: Eulogy

After what I’d seen, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to see you in that coffin. The makeup artist at the last funeral could barely cover the marks…

Eulogy was created in 3 hours, using the poem “Your Actions Will Have Consequences” written by Charlie, provided before his passing. 

Movement IV: Wanderlust

During a period of grief, sometimes it’s better to fight your way the surface, trying desperately to breathe again. Sometimes, it’s safer just to sink beneath the waves.

Wanderlust contains excerpts from the poem “Break (It) Down” written by Charlie, provided before his passing.

Movement III: Freefall

I tore out my fingernails waiting to hear your voice again. I kept telling myself all the blood was what made me miss that call.

Freefall contains excerpts from the poem “Selfish” written by Charlie, provided before his passing.

Movement I: Reverie

You were long gone before I even knew to start looking. I watched as your spine began to snap.

Reverie contains excerpts from the poem “Severance” written by Charlie, provided before his passing.



Featured on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021


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Developer’s Note:

I’ve attempted to start this project a number of times, under different names and perspectives, but the only way this feels right is to speak to my own experiences with grieving for him, while also presenting his vision to the best of my ability. The Drowning Machine is the culmination of this project, to be released in multiple excerpts

More catharsis than game, these fragments are in no way perfect; with very little planning, these movements represent a stream of consciousness style interpretation of Charlie’s traumatic memories, as well as my own. Consistent updates will be made to all parts.

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