1983. North East Scotland. An engineer is sent to an abandoned, clandestine research facility and is tasked with decommissioning equipment and gathering research material left by scientists. As the engineer travels deeper into the void, they are thrust into an unstable world of phantasmagorical horrors.

“A lot of games throw around the phrase “cosmic horror” nowadays, but few manage to deliver it as well as The Black Iris does. As soon as you step into the facility the atmosphere is electric and there’s a real feeling of awe as you unravel the enormity of what’s going on there. The retro styled visuals and vibrant purple-hued color palate are superb and the audio design is incredible. It’s a mind-blowing experience. Highly recommended.”AlphaBetaGamer

  • Explore a small open world in a play time of around 20-30 minutes
  • This game contains flashing lights
  • Content warning: One instance of body horror, unsettling sound design
  • Soundtrack version available for $4.00 (Gives access to the game + 4 Tracks)
  • Controls:
    • WASD = Move
    • E = Interact
    • T = Toggle torch
    • TAB = Menu/Inventory/Objectives
    • ESC/P = Pause

All proceeds from this game (after the standard 10% revenue share with will go to West Dunbartonshire Community Foodback. Receipts will be posted as evidence of this donation. If you want to learn more about the work they do see here:

Contact: [email protected]

Note to streamers: please feel free to monetize playthroughs of this game.

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