The Awakening Demo by Casper Croes

The Awakening Demo by Casper Croes

Alisa is a classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe inspired on the 1920s. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa. While she is chasing a wanted criminal, she ends up in an old victorian mansion. She tries to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids. Can you survive the Dollhouse?

The Awakening Demo is the first public demo of Alisa.

System requirements:
The game easily runs on older hardware.
Minimum (tested) System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or higher
Ram: 2GB (lower is not tested)
GPU: Any Video Card compatible with DirectX 9
CPU: Intel Duo Core Mobile T7500 (lower not tested)
Anything higher than the specifications above will absolutely work.

Extra Info:
If you connect a controller, don’t forget to setup the buttons in the Button Config menu (in-game)
If something goes wrong with your settings, press F1 + F2 at the main screen (new game, settings, quit) and quit the game and restart is again to reset everything to default settings.
Press F3 to swap between windowed mode and fullscreen.

Interesting Links:
You can join the Discord:
Follow game development progress on Twitter:

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