TH-2000 by BJ Games

TH-2000 by BJ Games

This is just a small demo showing the first level of project ‘TH-2000’, a project influenced by games like the original Resident Evils and Dino Crisis. 

TH-2000 is loosely base on SCP-2000 (TH referring to it’s Thaumiel classification), an underground bunker located in yellow stone park whose sole purpose is to repopulate the world in the event of complete annihilation of mankind.


W – Move Forward

A – Turn Left

D – Turn Right

F – Interact

Space Bar – Next or exit contextual popups


You are one of the last remaining soldiers of the GOC, after escaping the last attack on your team and being the sole survivor you have been left to complete the mission of re-establishing humanity by yourself.

However upon finding the entrance to SCP-2000 it is quite apparent that you are not the only survivor to have found the compound.


This is a very VERY short demo and just a taste on what I have planned for the full game release. You will find a LOT of inspiration from the original RE series, but I have no plans to implement any ‘zombies’ or anything of the sort. From the aspect of enemies I am pulling more from the game ‘Clock Tower’ which genuinely freaked me out as a kid, this concept is much like ‘Nemesis’ or ‘Mr. T’, but again I have no plans to have other ‘minion’ -like enemies and instead want to focus more on puzzles and story.

Hope you enjoy the demo and if you are super keen to play the full version I will try to do devlogs on my youtube channel as often as I can, so check that out and sub on my dev page!

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