Templar by Christopher Yabsley

Templar by Christopher Yabsley

A gun wielding templar embarks on a holy quest to purify a forsaken church. Delve into the madness and mow down every sinful beast in sight. Janky retro FPS action with a crunchy dungeon synth soundtrack.

This game was made in 7 days for the E1M1 Game Jam using the required RGM engine. Please note this engine is very limited and extremely jank, so don’t expect my usual levels of polish here! (I can’t even fix any bugs you find lol)

Some troubleshooting info about this engine.

  • Mouse sensitivity requires setting the program to High DPI compatibility mode (Properties > Compatibility > Change high DPI settings > Check both Program DPI and High DPI)
  • Game is blurry at high resolutions on NVIDIA cards. Turn off enhancement settings for the game.
  • Some antivirus programs flag the ‘fullscreen’ and ‘windowed’ executables as viruses. They are simply wrappers for running the game with ‘–fullscreen’ and ‘–widescreen’ arguments, but for safety, these can be deleted and the game can be run with those arguments from command line without those exes.

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