Team Project by Bradley O’Neill

Team Project by Bradley O'Neill

122 is a psychological horror game which will push you to your mental limits and challenge you to solve interesting puzzles. 

Set in 2018 New York, you explore an apartment which holds many dark secrets for you to uncover and explore. Explore a detailed, demonic environment in full first person glory. Inspect objects, solve puzzles and most importantly, survive and escape the apartment!

NOTE: This is an Alpha version of the prologue level to what would be a complete game. 

Developer Message

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share this game from the Year 2 Cohort Project we just finished! This was my first time Producing a game with a team and the results look incredible! The team have been incredible at bringing this game to life and the effort really shows. 

We had to make a Horror game and we set out to create a really uncomfortable experience to play through. From initial reactions, we believe we achieved this. This was all developed in Unreal Engine 4, none of us had experience with the engine prior to this. We also only had a month to complete this from pre-production to Alpha level of quality.



Bradley O’Neill (Me)

Lead Game Designer 

Alejandro Leon

Lead Technical Designer 

Omar El-shafie

Technical Designers

Dawood Amir 



Lead Game Artist 

Tony Tyler 

2D Artists

Sophie Aryan 

Sebastian Moore 

Luis Bull (AKA: Taurmega)

Simon Pun

Lead 3D Artist 

Sam Miller 

3D Artists 

Rafael Alarcón

Isaiah Abel

Foad (AKA: Snipeinc) 

Install instructions

Step 1: Download and extract the game file. 

Step 2: Find the 122.exe icon inside the folder. Click this to start playing.

NOTE: This game is for Windows only. 

Link Source: Click Here