Symbiotic Love – Yuri Visual Novel by Kikai Digital

Symbiotic Love - Yuri Visual Novel by Kikai Digital

There’s nothing new under the moon. All stories go like this: Encounter. Curiosity. Attraction. Love

Two girls meet in a garden where the spider lilies bloom. 

One girl seeks the devil’s gentleness.

The other denies that the devil is capable of love at all.

Will the spider lilies grow in a symbiotic relationship, or will they become like the higanbana, and part ways for good?

Symbiotic Love is a coming-of-age Yuri Visual Novel set in an All Girls’ High School, between two people fated to meet, become acquaintances, friends, and eventually, lovers. Yet, what has fate in store for love so perfect, so symbiotic, that they could only live, and perish together?

Symbiotic Love is a prequel to Melancholy Love, which is also available on Steam and

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  • An emotional Yuri love story
  • Full Mandarin voice acting
  • Over 10+ Beautiful BGMs
  • Over 10+ High-Resolution CGs
  • Choice matters with different endings


  • 2 hours long
  • Note: Contains animated blood.

Install instructions

If you’re using Win10 and are unable to open the game, please try the following:

1.Navigate to symbiotic_love or wherever your game local files are.
2. Right-click game.exe and click properties
3. Go to compatibility and check the tick for ‘Run This Program in Compatibility Mode’ and select Windows 8

If the screen flickers and you are unable to open the game, try:

Changing your display resolution to 16:9 aspect ratio. If you are already at 16:9 ratio, try lowering your resolution. 

E.g. If you are currently running on 1920×1080, switch to 1600:900

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