Super Surprise Party…? by meowmee

Super Surprise Party...? by meowmee

We cannot thank everyone enough for their support and for playing Super Surprise Party! 😃 It sincerely means a lot to us as this is our first time putting a game together! This game was created for the “Community Game Jam” in 7 days.  We made a few edits for our 1.1 version. We hope you enjoy playing our submission!


Why hello there! 😀 Welcome to our game!

Are you ready to have some SUPER SURPRISE PARTY PREP FUN!?

I know WE are! 😀 And you are just the right person to help! 

So sit back, relax, and strap yourself in for the time of your life! ;D <3

(Please note – Your location is not actually tracked in this game <3)

Level Instructions: 


<– –> / A D = Move 
Space Bar = Jump 


Mouse = Move Piece 
Space Bar (while holding piece) = Rotate Piece

Falling Objects

<– –> / A D = Move 

.: ~ * Credits * ~ :.

Game Programmer/Game Design/Cat: Chelsea Soares 

Artist: Natalie Cruz

Audio: Courtney Soares

Voice Actor: James Ruane

Game Tester/Dog: Nicholas Jaffari

Special Thanks To…
Ginger the Dog <3 
The Docation Tracker :’D 
The chosen Sacraficial Watermelon </3
Natalie and James’ amazing cooking :’)
8:03AM 😮
and You for playing our game 😀 <3 We hope you enjoy it! 

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