Super Bat Puncher Demo (NES) by Morphcat Games


– NES ROM, playable on a variety of platforms via emulation

Super Bat Puncher Demo is a game for the NES and Famicom. Available as a ROM file.

Code, graphics, sound design: @jul6502
Dave Harris
Illustrations: Nicolas Betoux

10th Anniversary

In 2011, Julius Riecke worked on the Super Bat Puncher demo. Blitz Lunar joined him and created the soundtrack. Finally, Julius released it under the Morphcat Games label on June 1, 2011.


In the distant future, earth is haunted by extraterrestrial bats. They seem to appear out  of nowhere, but always come in large numbers, are highly susceptible to shock and tend to explode quickly. As a result, earth’s surface has been severely damaged, all major cities have been destroyed and the survivors have started to move underground.

After years of research, scientists believe to have found the plague’s source. The bats are supposedly coming from a tiny planet in the outer regions of a faraway solar system.

The Bat Excommunication and Eradication Force aka BEEF was created. It consists of brave young warriors in high-tech animal suits who are sent to BAT PLANET with the mission of investigating and disposing of the threat. You play as one of the heroes of BEEF. 


⚠ For two players on a Japanese Famicom system, pause the game and press UP on the second controller.

Download & installation

Download the ROM and run it in an NES emulator such as Nestopia or Mesen.
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There is also a French translation made by Lestat.

Physical version

We are happy to celebrate the 10th Anniversary by release a Famicom version of Super Bat Puncher Demo. You can get it directly on Broke Studio online shop!

Original Soundtrack

You can directly listen the delightful soundtrack composed by Dave Harris on Bandcamp!

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