Sumi and the Soulless Spirits by Lunadyn, snoqie, Wandererr, GoodieGoodMusic

⭐ NOTICE: We apologize to macOS users who may be currently unable to run our game. Our upcoming Sumi 1.1 update will have a fixed macOS version (release date April 11). Thank you for your patience! ^ ㅡ^ ⭐


The world of magic is crumbling, which is causing mayhem among the fairies who guard the enchanted forest. You are an apprentice mage who is guided by the different fairy clans to learn and master the wizardry elements. By gathering their elemental orbs, perhaps peace can be restored once again.


  W (jump), A (move left), D (move right)

  Left mouse clickdraw platforms (once you’ve unlocked it)

  Right mouse click switch between elements 

  SpacebarInteract with items (orb holders)


.: Free Strawberry Bullet:.  Find the 3 elemental fairies to unlock each elemental platform

.: Free Strawberry Bullet:.  Use the debris from the platform to interact with creatures in the world

.: Free Strawberry Bullet:.  Collect the fairies’ souls (orbs) to restore peace in the forest!


Connection – Our game incorporates the optional game jam theme of “Connection” via the ending (play through to find out!) ^ ㅡ^


  • Lunadyn Programming & Game Design
  • Snoqie Sprite Art & UI Design
  • Vyre | 3D Environment Art
  • Wanderer Programming (Platform Mechanic)
  • Bosu Audio & Sound
  • Katiana Sumi Voice Acting 

100% of assets in this game (art, music, writing, code, graphics, etc.) were made during the duration of the College Game Jam (o3.29 ~ o4.o4).


  • Squishing slimes opens barriers!
  • Slimes with timers over them stay squished for a few seconds, while the others need to be kept squished using your rubble from broken platforms.
  • Slimes with timers can’t be squished by your rubble.
  • If you’re not sure where to go after getting the Fire element, try exploring upwards in the cave!
  • Fire platforms light up spooky ghosts, which makes them usable as platforms!

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