Street Eats by Team Argonaut

Order up!

Explore Kawamachi by day, meet the locals, and collect the ingredients you need to run your food stall at night!

In this simple little slice of life, you play as a young entrepreneur living in the rural Japanese town of Kawamachi, operating your own food stall. 

Running the stall requires more than just cooking though! You’ll have to source your ingredients each day in preparation to cook for your customers at night. 

Fill those hungry bellies with mouthwatering meals that will have your customers flocking for more!

  • [Left Click] either side of the screen to MOVE in that direction, alternatively…
  • Hold [A] to MOVE Left
  • Hold [D] to MOVE Right
  • Hold [Shift] to RUN
  • [Left Click] objects/people of interest to INTERACT / CHAT

  • [Left Click] to MOVE and PLACE objects
  • [Right Click] while HOLDING an object to CANCEL holding
  • [Left Click] to further interact with objects, e.g. Chopping, combining
  • [Left Click & Drag] to mix with flour

Street Eats is a prototype made in about 3 weeks with 3 people.

There’s SO much more we want to add to the game, but we’d love to hear from you too – tell us what you think!

Please suggest new features, express your likes / dislikes, or where you think the game could be taken in the comments below, or by filling out the in-game feedback form!

Happy cooking 🙂

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