Starry Flowers by Nami

STARRY FLOWERS is a visual novel about two witch boys falling in love.

now listen… i know what you’re thinking. “nomnomnami only makes games about girls who like girls! what is this?!” it’s witch boys. i love them enough to break my own formula… so please accept them into your hearts.

content advisory: recommended ages 16+ (contains sexual themes and strong language). screen shakes can be disabled by selecting “skip transitions” in the options menu.


  • an extremely sweet slow burn romance
  • 27k word count, estimated 2 hours to complete
  • dress up game! choose from 20 accessories to make periwinkle look extra cute for his dates!
  • bonus gallery including extra scenes upon clearing the main story


story + art + music – NomnomNami

ending theme – “Pretty in Pink” by Jake Bellissimo

soundtrack and art collection coming soon~!

Link Source: Click Here