Squidward’s Suicide Game by KirleyGames

Squidward's Suicide Game by KirleyGames

This Game was on here before but was removed from problems with the project but It’s back now but only still the beta.

I do NOT own any rights to “Spongebob Squarepants” and this is NOT an official “Spongebob” product. This game is a horror game and is inspired by the creepypasta “Squidward’s Suicide”. Furthermore this game is not intended to make money. All donations are considered as a support of the game developer and not as an payment for the game!

Story: on 2005,  25th February.  An unknown character wakes up to find himself fast asleep. He sooner discovers himself in the SpongeBob universe but something is wrong. Squidward is not himself & you must continue on going through trials. Do what he says.

This is only a BETA. We are still developing the full game witch will possible come till September! 

This game contains jumpscares, flashing lights, scary and disturbing content. Their are NO Copyright disclaims on this game. 

Squidward’s Suicide creepy pasta horror game…but it will have a different plot to it.

Good luck and be careful ;)

Kyle Kirley | KirleyGames 
Luke Richardson | PotionsYT

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