Sonic Revert by Taldius

A racing/platform Sonic fan game which takes inspiration from Sonic R, Trackmania and Mario Kart, currently in development.

At first, this prototype was just me trying to see what it would be like if Sonic played like a car when he runs fast.

There can only be 20 concurrent players on the server.

Controls are better with a Xbox controller. (I have a hard time making the controls easy for keyboard/mouse, sorry for the incovenience)

Controls Keyboard Xbox controller
Move (normal mode) Arrows Left joystick
Reset position (both modes) R B
Jump (both modes) Space A
Jump attack (both modes) Space (hold) (hold)
Aim (jump attack mode) Arrows Left joystick
Attack (jump attack mode) Space (release) A (release)
Accelerate (triggers run mode) Z RT
Drift (run mode) Shift LT
Turn (run mode) Arrows Left joystick

Link Source: Click Here