Sonic 3D in 2D by Sotaknuck

Sonic 3D in 2D by Sotaknuck

Sonic 3D in 2D is a fangame that reimagines Sonic3D Blast plot and levels with style and structure closer to the games that preceeded it. Explore Flicky Island in a 2D side scrolling platformer that takes elements from the other Mega Drive/Genesis games to re-forge an adventure anew. Fight new and challenging bosses, save Flicky Island and stop Robotnik’s final plan to harness the Flicky’s power for himself.


  • 15 Acts to explore in 8 Zones
  • 15 Boss Battles that will put your skills to the test
  • All classic shields, including the Golden Shield to use the homing attack with Sonic
  • 3 Playable characters at start (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles).
  • Physics close to the Mega Drive/Genesis games.
  • Lots of Easter Eggs
  • Unlockable Extras for more gameplay options


  • Green Grove Zone: hills are alive with the sound of the Badnik’s engines. The flikies have been turned into robots and it’s up to you to blast through the Green Grove and free the Flickies!
  • Rusty Ruin Zone: ancient ruins re-emerged from the sea. Make your way through the ancient traps of a long dead civilization as you keep searching for the Chaos Emeralds!
  • Spring Stadium Zone: a crazy funhouse of pinball, barrels, bumpers, springs and spike traps! Hone your jumping and bumping skills to survive here!
  • Diamond Dust Zone: have your snowboard handy? The snowy mountains of Flicky Island are filled with snow and ice. Watch out for explosive snowmen and uncover frozen springs to make your way through.
  • Volcano Valley Zone: quite a change from the cool slopes! Leap the lava beds and use your spin dash to activate the elevators. Keep an eye out for the Fire Shield to protect yourself from the worst burns of your life.
  • Gene Gadget Zone: this mixed-up mechazone is chock full of pipes, tubes and wiring. Not to mention electrified floors, shocking fields and industrial fans that will blow you around!
  • Panic Puppet Zone: looks like Robotnik hasn’t even had time to place the flickies into robots. The final confrontation is approaching!
  • ???: find all of the Chaos Emeralds to know more…


Game controls are set by the user on their first launch and they will map a mega drive/genesis controller. As such the commands for each character are described with the genesis button map (arrows, A, B, C, start). Controls can be changed any time by pressing up and access the “controls” submenu in the title screen.

  • Movement: Arrows
  • Jump: A, B or C on the ground
  • Secondary Action: A, B or C mid air after a jump
    • Sonic: Insta Shield or Shield Power (depends on the active shield)
    • Tails: flight or swimming
    • Knuckles: gliding or climbing when against a wall
  • Roll: Down when moving
  • Spin Dash: Down + A, B or C when standing
  • Peel Out (Sonic only): Up + A,B or C when standing
  • Super Transformation: C when jumping with 7 Chaos Emeralds and at least 50 rings.
  • Pause the game: Start

Other Controls:

  • F2: resets the game
  • F5: toggle TV filter. No filter, all filter, filter only the background (1.21 onward)
  • Enter: Unpauses the game No longer as of 1.07
  • Alt + Enter: Toggles Fullscreen
  • Alt+ F4: Closes the game


Machine independant Speed

Should you face heavy slowdowns in the game, try to run it using the “machine independant speed” option by following these steps:

1 – Make a windows shortcut to the exe of the game
2 – Go into the link properties and add the /MIS1 command in the destination field after the double quotes

it should look something like this:
“C:BLAH BLAH BLAHSonic3D2d 1.23.exe” /MIS1

3 – hit OK and start the game through that link.

Water effect compatibility

As of version 1.08 should you discover that the water in game looks like a large dark wall, try to run the game through a shortcut with the command /LIGHTWATER

Re-Enable Fusion 2.5 OLD Pause System

If you experience slowdowns after the new pause system has been released, try running the game through a shortcut using the command /OLDPAUSE this will re-enable Fusion’s un-pause system. You will gain some FPS, but you’ll be forced to UNPAUSE the game by pressing ENTER.

All commands listed above can be entered in the same shortcut, separated by space (EG: /MIS1 /OLDPAUSE).

Install instructions

Download and unpack the zip file in a directory of choice. The archive includes xinput1_3.dll (“Microsoft Common Controller API”) required for the game to work and detect controllers.

If you’re downloading a new version, you can open the zip and take the exe into the folder of your previous installation, or extract into the same path and overwrite everything. Both the savegame and control settings will carry over automatically.

How to install the Saturn DLC

Simply unpack the zip, and drag both the “Saturn” and the “Custom” folders into your DataSoundtrack folder without overwriting the existing music.

How to play on LINUX

Special thanks to mindbender444 for a Linux Installer on Lutris:

Alternativelly you can follow his step by step guide:

* Wine version: lutris-5.7-x86_64
* DXVK option off. (otherwise would crash immediately after launch)
* Use winetricks to install vcrun6. (otherwise crash after input setup)
* (optional) Set up a separate wineprefix to keep things clean.

The game works in either fullscreen or windowed mode, but it may crash after switching between full and window a few times during gameplay. Left screen with low resolution after crash. Configure -> System options -> Restore resolution on exit in Lutris settings made the original resolution return the next time it crashed. So, just be careful toggling between the screen modes.

Link Source: Click Here