Slendergus by lucd

Slendergus by lucd

Run and hide from Impostor amogus in the haunted skeld map! Survive and collect 8 pages to win the game!

Play in singleplayer or in multiplayer with your friends!

If you have any problems, objections or anything else feel free to message me on discord! ( lucd#9569 )

  • Update7/8/2021- fixed multiplayer game not found bug. When this happens again, check if the gamecode is correct, try hosting a game, or use the join random button.
  • Update 7/8/2021 – 
  1. Fixed various bugs that made the game unplayable, I am sincerely sorry for this.
  2. Added join random room option
  3. fixed door sounds
  4. adjusted the AI so it won’t get stuck so often.
  5. and several other fixes and adjustments.

I recommend to update the game if you want to play the multiplayer mode, as you probably won’t be able to join others.

  1. hotfixes and adjustments.

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