Siren in the Snow by Muktada Creations

Siren in the Snow by Muktada Creations


Oh, it was just a dream… What a weird one

phone is ringing, where is it?

You get a message from your Mother to do some chores but as your doing that a sharp Siren sound pierce through your ear, After that… Most things seem different… People getting crazy, Dogs barking, Babies crying, People suicide…?

You’ve got to see your mother and save her from all of this; But there is a creature that stops you from doing that… a creature with a Siren Head.



–Bad Ending–

You get this ending by playing through all the six Acts of the game to the end normally.

–Good Ending–

For you to get this ending you will have to get through the apartment hallways then when your outside you will have to trigger the Siren Head to start fallowing you, and then you will have to survive for about 4 min (240 seconds) for the good ending to trigger.



-All the game has been done solo by: Muktada [Me]

-Ambient: CO.AG [Please support him, All of his amazing ambient was free to use without even needing to credit which is very generous]            

 CO.AG Music – YouTube

-Special thanks to:

1-Sisilicon for the lens flare plugin and the 3D text plugin!

2- Sprytile devs for making the plugin for blender to make 3D pixelated tiling as easy as it can be

Sprytile by Jeiel Aranal

3- Thanks for Play Tester as well (DurDurrin, Egg in a Bowl)



3D : Blender

2D : Aseprite

Engine : Godot

Sound/Music : FL Studio

Link Source: Click Here