Siren Head: Stranded by Hex Core

Your car ran out of gas on a nearly abandoned country road in the middle of nowhere. Stranded and alone, your only hope to leave this unsettling dark forest is a gas station that’s down the road. But something else lurks in these woods and stalks you from afar, taunting you with horrifyingly unnatural and alarmingly loud sounds. Can you escape with your life?

Your flashlight is your best friend in this hellish soundscape. It will help you find your way. But be careful, that … monster … hears your every move.


This game was only made to be compatible with keyboard and mouse at this time. At some point in the future, we may release a patch that supports controllers.

WASD – Move

E – Interact

L Shift – Sprint

L Control – Sneak

Left Mouse Button – Toggle Flashlight

Right Mouse Button – Charge Flashlight

Space – Hold Breath

Tab – Inventory

M – Map

Esc – Pause

Siren Head: Stranded was created by Hex Core, LLC.

Hex Core consists of:

Will Kosan – Lead Environment Artist

Taylor Driggs – Lead Programmer

Garrett DeHart – Lead Character Artist and Animator

Josh Lowry – Cinematic Artist

Special thanks to Trevor Henderson, the creator of Siren Head.

Check out Hex Core’s other project, Goblin Tower Frenzy, at!

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