Siren Head Resurrection by show-more

A group of young cave divers went missing. The local ranger does not respond to radio calls. The park is quite away from civilization and there is no one in the area. A storm will hit the valley in the coming hours and the whole area will be covered with thick fog. You have to act fast.

Siren Head Resurrection is a solo, indie, fan made game. The project started only as a short teaser and received a great positive feedback from the community. The game was in development for 8 months and was designed with replayability in mind.

Before you download

The game contains scenes that may not be appropriate for children and younger audience (disturbing content, strong language, gore and violence), loud sounds and photosensitive environment.
This game is more graphically demanding and relatively large in file size. Please read more about the game before downloading it.

*Player can choose to limit mature content in the game settings menu.

What this game IS

  • survival action adventure
  • exploration and experimentation
  • puzzle solving

What this game IS NOT

  • fast paced first person shooter
  • jumpscares and quick time events
  • everything in a single playtrough


Please keep in mind that Siren Head character is the intellectual property of Trevor Henderson. The story presented by this game is an UNOFFICIAL expansion of the Siren Head universe. To learn more about Siren Head, please visit Trevor Henderson’s official website


The game offers multiple endings. Exploration and non-traditional approach is often rewarded. The game also features multiple puzzles and minigames.

There are several secrets hidden in the game. Some secrets provide permanent bonuses others  can  extend gameplay.

After finishing the game, new game Plus mode is unlocked (strongly encouraged).

Game Mechanics

Player can sneak around the enemies, distract them or use the environment to be able to pass around unnoticed. Game provides lethal and non-lethal weapons to use. Ammo is limited, choosing the right weapon is critical. Every weapon has it’s unique attributes damage/speed/range/loudness.

Progress often relies on working with your inventory. Exploration plays an important role in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Some tasks may change a little each playthrough. Reading the books and notes is advised.


  • Easy on Regular mode (assisted mode available for casual players)
  • Medium/Hard on game Plus mode (unlocks after finishing the game)

Average session

  • depending on the play style and achieved ending, it may take 50 to 90 minutes to complete the game

Developer Notes

This is an indie game. Progress is mostly nonlinear.  Not every interaction is immediately obvious and may involve some backtracking. There are some interesting secrets that are worth discovering. Regular Game Mode offers the most important parts of the game. If you want to experience the game as intended by developer, try Game Plus Mode.


  • WSAD – movement
  • Q/E – lean
  • Shift – sprint
  • Ctrl – crouch/sneak
  • Space – jump
  • LMB – use/interact
  • RMB – throw/cancel
  • Mouse Wheel – cycle weapons/items
  • F – toggle flashlight (cycle intensity using LMB when holding flashlight only)
  • Tab – inventory hotkey
  • J – journal hotkey

*Optimized for mouse and keyboard (controller possible, but not recommended)


  • CPU 3.2GHz 4Cores 64bit
  • GPU
    • Medium GTX1060 / RX570
    • High GTX1070Ti / RX5600
  • RAM 8GB
  • HDD 6GB of free space (installation of additional system libraries might be required before launching the game)

Recommended hardware is targeted for 1080p resolution at 60fps average. Low details can drastically decrease level of fidelity, but can provide significant boost in performance for less capable hardware.  The game will try to determine the best possible settings  for the installed hardware the first time it starts.
You may need to restart the game for some settings to take effect.

Performance Guide

  1. Lightning is the most intense graphical process in the game. Reducing quality from High to Medium has the most significant impact on performance (Low will disable lightning processing)
  2. Reducing the view distance and foliage can save additional frames
  3. Resolution scale affects the rendering resolution and also contribute to performance savings
  4. Other settings have minor impact on performance and are mainly focused on less capable hardware, where every frame counts

*Some scenes can be more graphically demanding than others. If you are sensitive to frame drops, adjust the settings accordingly.


Siren Head character is the intellectual property of Trevor Henderson. For more information please visit author’s website
The game also incorporates assets from Epic Games Marketplace, Quixel and several public domain CC0 assets.

The game is completely free to play with full access to all of it’s elements. By making a donation, you support the game developer in his possible future projects. Any donation is highly appreciated. If you are willing to donate, please also consider supporting Trevor Henderson, the creator of Siren Head itself.

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