Shutter Nyang – Demo by PROJECT MOREUM

Shutter Nyang - Demo by PROJECT MOREUM

Join the mysterious journey of the cat with a camera! 

The cat is swept away by a wind with a strange camera! In order to return the camera to a friend, little girl, the cat set out a mysterious journey. 

 ShutterNyang is Platformer with unique mechanism called “CAMERA ACTION”

Using the camera on the cat’s head, players can take photo of various game objects. By taking photos, the camera not only copy images but also copy function of certain objects. After taking photos, players can paste those object photos anywhere in the game. Pasted photos have same function as original objects. 

For example,

Take a photos of a ‘Brick’ which function as a platform. By placing a photo of the ‘Brick’, the cat now have new platform to step on to. Using this function, players can create their unique new path go overcome obstacles.

By taking photos of the ‘Cat’ and pasting them, players can lure enemies(Dogs, Teddy Bears, etc.) to certain directions.

Also by taking photos of the ‘Rainy Cloud’ and pasting them, players can hit enemies or themselves. 

Release Date

ShutterNyang full version will be released on the Steam platform in the second quarter 2020 on both Window and Mac versions.

About us, Project Moreum

Project Moreum is the indie game studio established by 4 game enthusiasts. Studio’s main goal is to imagine unknown realms filled with adventures and express them in the form of games.

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