Sherwood Extreme by CAGEStudios

Unleash the ultimate power of your one-handed crossbow to focus your aim mid-air in slow motion!

Slay the goblins of the horde in ridiculous fashion and parkour your way through hand-crafted levels.

Sword & Crossbow

Use melee or ranged to slay the goblins without mercy.

Slow Motion

Aim your crossbow or sword mid-air to enable slow motion and focus on your targets.

Goblin Massacre

Kill them all in ridiculous fashion with ragdolls and all!


Aim and shoot while traversing through the air at top speeds.

Rope Swinging

Control your swings and chain them together. Ranged combat still applies.

Giant Bouncy Mushrooms

Get the air you need to fling yourself through each level.

Unlock New Weapons

View upgrades in your ephemeral equipment room.




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