Self-Checkout Unlimited by Argent Games

An empty shopping mall after closing time.

Lost and alone inside a picture-perfect labyrinth.

As sunset slowly approaches, navigate between surreal stores to find the exit key, with only two cheerful PA announcers to keep you sane. Can you unravel the mystery of your journey before it’s time to say goodbye?

“Thank you for choosing Wilson Center Mall—a single stop for everything you’ll ever need!”

Inspired by the 8-circuit model of consciousness, the mallsoft genre, and the book Angel Tech by Antero Alli, Self-Checkout Unlimited is a unique exploration of both mind and matter.

Genre: Adventure, exploration, philosophical, surreal
Length: Short (~1 hr, replayable)
Est. Release: Summer 2020

-Different story elements and endings based on your choices
-“Free Mall” mode—upon completion of the main game, explore the full mall freely without the story
-An original soundtrack inspired by nostalgic mall jazz and surreal dreamy synthscapes

-Design Lead/Writing/Programming: Dovah
-Management: Gamma
-3D Modeling/Textures: Alec Ziskind
-Concept/Promo Art: Jarid Scott, Axiom Design 
-Music: TBA
-Voice Acting: Katie Flamman, Michael Schwalbe

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