Secret of the Old Ship by Aye to Aye Games

In this point-and-click adventure, jump into the boots of the pirate Captain Robin as she boards a haunted ship to uncover its secrets. As you solve puzzles and explore the ship, the past will make itself known to you. Meet the crew; a skeletal captain, a ghost and a haunted parrot, as you try to reclaim the lost treasure of the haunted ship.

This game was made as a school project for the duration of 10 weeks.

  • Emma Söder Wikström – Design / Project Lead
  • Sara Uvalić – Programming Lead
  • Sebastian Carlsson – Programming
  • Franz Jonzon – Programming
  • Vix Larsson – Creative Lead / 3D Graphics
  • John Kardell – Graphics Lead / 3D Graphics
  • Sofie Johansson – Art Director / 2D Graphics
  • Felicia Höög Kjellgren – 2D Graphics
  • Lisa Kolfjord – Animator
  • Ronja Bergman – Game Writing Lead
  • Sandra Alexandersson – Game Writing
  • Simon Ohlsson – Game Writing
  • Katarina Walfridsson – Sound
  • Robert Klevland – Music Lead / Project Lead
  • Eddie Käller – Music


Swedish Game Awards 2019 Best Diversity Effort Nominee



  1. Press Download to download the zip-file. 
  2. Extract/unzip the folder.
  3. Run the file named SecretoftheOldShip.exe.
  4. If Windows Defender pops up on first start you need to press more info and then run anyway.
  5. Press play!

Link Source: Click Here