Scarred Stars by TuomoL

Scarred Stars by TuomoL

“One , two, three; let’s play hide and seek…
Four, five, six; run away from me…
Seven, eight, nine; the three hollowed you hide…
Ten; I‘m here.

– “The Aged Tree”, the game’s theme song


Done within 14 days, Scarred Stars is a survival hide-and-seek style of a game set in an abandoned amusement park. This game is a loveletter to 90’s horror games and has retro aesthetics inspired by the era. This game uses lots of effects and design choices that shows what RPG maker MZ is capable of.


It’s the year 1985.  Asuka had always been a good girl but she had a friend who was bad influence on her; Momoko. Momoko always tried to egg Asuka onto doing mischevious, bad things. However, one day Momoko actually insists that the duo break into an abandoned amusent park as a dare, only for things to take ugly turn…


  • Game focused on hiding and puzzles, not combat
  • Multiple different types of “chasers”
  • Chasers may appear in some locations randomly, not just via scripted events
  • Multiple endings


Credits list is too large to include on this page, it can be found in game and in the provided “Credits” text file

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